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Private Wellness Retreats

A Private Wellness Retreat experience is perfect for:

  • Maxed out 'busy' people who have a specific issue they know they need to resolve quickly and confidentially or with a schedule that makes a regular commitment to therapy or coaching unworkable.

  • People moving out of or into new chapters in their lives who need to dis-entangle themselves from the past and prepare for the future often choose a Wellness Retreat to ease transitions of all kinds.


  • Those with a decision to make, but who are feeling 'stuck' or stressed and in need of some compassionate support.

Our Wellness Retreats are usually scheduled from Tuesday afternoon to Thursday lunchtime,  get in touch with your preferred dates and we'll try and accomodate you.  Currently we're only taking bookings until the end of September 2024 and due to possible relocation these may be the last Wellness Retreats we'll be hosting in our home space.

Is it your time to heal?
The perfect place for anyone needing to be put back together

Sharon & Scott

There are many Wellness Retreats...
               but not like this one

There are all kinds of Wellness Retreats and usually you are joining in a pre-set timetable and to some degree or other you are sharing the space and experience and that's all part of the package for some people.  


When you stay at Heart and Head Space your Wellness Retreat is just that: YOUR Retreat. Whether you come alone or with a partner, friend or relative, it's a completely private space and experience for you. You'll have access to any or all of the therapies we offer and as much of them as you want, no limits. Often people come with something specific to resolve and so far no one has gone home still holding onto that 'thing'.

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