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   BRAND NEW - AcuCalm at Home  

Feel Better....Be Better

If you're struggling with unhelpful thoughts, feelings or habits, you're not alone. And you already know you want to feel better.


Someone has probably directed you here. You're in the right place. Welcome, come and look around the Heart and Head Space.


Find what you need: discover a safe space and a personal approach to creating the change you're looking for.


HeartSpeak is the primary therapy used at Heart and Head Space. It's a refreshingly simple,  Mind/Body action based approach, resolving stress and psychological or emotional dis-ease.


Compared to more traditional paths, it can clear trauma quickly and gently, often bringing release and relief to people who have struggled to find effective support or long lasting solutions through counselling, CBT or EMDR.


HeartSpeak is aligned to the science of Emotional Processing and requires no 'belief' in anything in order to be effective. It can be used to target something specific: to resolve stress around a current issue, to address unhelpful habits or to deal with long term or complex trauma.

If you are generally well and need to resolve or find closure on something specific, 2 or 3 sessions  are likely to be sufficient. If you have had a history of challenges you'll probably require more sessions, which can either be supported by AcuCalm (OPTIMISE) or without (RESET). All plans can be  'pay as you go' to enable you to structure the work you want to do at a pace that's practical for you. Feel free to schedule your first session and we will agree an approach and timetable together at that first appointment.

Maybe you feel 'out of sorts' much of the time or have periods of anxiety or depression, without having an awareness of what's triggering them? Have you tried multiple therapeutic approaches with little or no success? You might have almost given up any hope of feeling much better. 


What if you had a time machine and could go back to your very beginnings and bring resolution to every unprocessed feeling? And what if you could do that without needing to talk about events and relationships? I've been developing a unique approach called the HeartSpeak History Recode,  a unique, insightful clear out of all unprocessed feelings from your very beginnings up until the present day. 


It's the ultimate path to not just 'feeling better', but 'being better', both now and in your future. Learn more about the History Recode here. You can schedule your Recode to include AcuCalm (OPTIMISE), or without it (RESET).



The optimum healing experience at Heart and Head Space is a combination of HeartSpeak and AcuCalm. AcuCalm is our unique blend of NADA ear acupuncture (or acupressure) with imagery audio. That's three powerful therapies  in one two hour session for maximum impact on your health and wellbeing.  


Whilst rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine, ear or auricular therapy is currently causing much excitement in Western medicine, as more is understood about the role of the Vagus Nerve in regulating the nervous system. 


The ear is the only place on the body where the Vagus Nerve can be stimulated externally. After 30 years of wearable tech companies developing surgical implants, they've finally woken up to what acupuncturists have known for hundreds if not thousands of years!   

Over 25,000 people worldwide are trained in delivering a particular type of ear acupuncture called the NADA Protocol. Download our free e-book if you want to learn more about how it's used to support wellbeing in trauma and healthcare settings.

Now there's a brand new AcuCalm at Home service, using titanium acupressure beads to use in conjunction with a wide library of transformative imagery audio.


AcuCalm can be experienced as a personal treatment, as a couple or in a group setting or as part of an AcuCalm at Home subscription.

“I'm back to the old me again. My anxiety has gone and my confidence is back to 100%, I'm the most content I've been in a long while and I can't thank Sarah enough. This is amazing and it really works. I'm so looking forward to the future, just wish I'd found Sarah sooner...she really has a gift."
Jess, Chesterfield



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Sarah Kallend

At Heart and Head Space, we believe that everyone deserves to live a fulfilling and happy life. Our services are designed to empower you to take control of your mental health and wellbeing. 

Whether you need support to resolve specific issues, want to do a full mental and emotional reset, are looking for a safe place to come and Retreat or need reliable tools to help you at home, you CAN feel better than you do right now.

Have you waited long enough? Is it time for you to heal?

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